Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gabe - 4

We went for a big walk around looking at other parcels of land for Mike turns out his offer was not accepted...for now

we found some really cool abandoned places, looks like hippies from the 60-70's kinda thing outdoor kitchens and all

we went to look at a place near me, 1/2 acre and found this neighbouring cottage peaking through the woods. all caved in i'm afraid, 12 volt batteries still hooked up

we found the driveway all overgrown and ventured in, good to have a woodsman with you

this would have been the kitchen and the doorway to the bedroom

lovely brick fireplace

there are still coat hangers in the bedroom closet

this place was cool, way way way up a forever long driveway, it would have had an awesome view of the ocean, all overgrown now

check out this outdoor kitchen, look at that old ice box, and thats a cooler dug into the ground

the cottage is just this one room with the outdoor kitchen

we found the outhouse way down the property, which was strange

then we browsed around the village

we went into Artworks my friend Kathy's store, ran into an old friend Veronica, poor thing lost her Dad as well at 70 from a wasp sting

then back to the cottage for a nice curry dinner Gerry left for us and some more crib

next day it was over again and back home, sigh

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