Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC - 4

So are last day arrived, as usual

we all said our goodbyes and rushed off to cram in whatever else was on our list

we started at the Meat Packing District

then jumped up to the Highline, what an oasis in such a busy city. just a lovely 1.5 mile walk along the old tram line that is now converted into a park

these window shades are hilarious

the whole stay in NYC everyone kept saying it was going to rain, just as we finished our Highline walk it finally started, great timing we were done with our trip anyways. we dipped into a mexican restaurant for lunch then back to the hotel to collect our belongings and off to the train to Newark Airport

had a jug of sangria to help us sleep on the plane going home, as usual we're exhausted and our flight is delayed, yuck!

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