Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mount Seymour, North Vancouver, BC Skiing

Had a great day skiing with friends

its usually just Carla and I but her daughter Melissa and brother Tim joined in as well

it was so foggy going over, I could not see the North Shore at all from the bridge, yikes

driving up the mountain the snow line started half way up and we broke through the fog

they now have designated parking lots, skiers get the very top lot, yeah

look at that sun

very icy in the village

down below it must be miserable, you can see in the distance the whole lower mainland covered in fog. they wouldn't have even known how glorious a day it was above the fog line...glad I did

a snack break

a lunch break

 a couple more runs after lunch then called it a day

caught these two just sitting around enjoying the sun and view

then back below the fog, high carumba

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