Thursday, February 4, 2010

Quebec City

I'm so lucky. For my 45th Birthday my mother surprised me and my sister, for her birthday as well, and took us to Quebec City, all expenses paid!

My mother, aunt Betty, aunt Erin, my sister and myself went. I flew into Ottawa and stayed for a few days, then the train which was lovely to Quebec, then back to Ottawa for another few days. it was wonderful, and the food and furs to die for.

Every store front had the most beautiful flowers

There were furs everywhere, well it is the fur capital trading post, just so you know I didn't buy any though

This is where we stayed, its called the Auberge du tresor, it was so lovely and the longest continually running establishement in North America, since 1640, how crazy is that! Here is a closeup and one taken farther away. I imagine this is where Champlain housed all his maidens as its right across the street from the Chateau Frontenac

We wanted to have a typical Quebecau meal which we had at this restaraunt, I had the lamb, sitting inside it was easy to imagine what it would have been like well over 200 years ago, it was a residence but so easy to see as the restaurant conversions have not hampered the inside ambiance. The place has not really changed at all and our waitress was so sweet

here are some others photos from around the city

I remembered visting this church when I was a child for some reason, well probably because there is a beautiful wooden ship mounted from the ceiling

This is in the lower city, the building with the burgundy roof is an incredible jewelry store, every stone you can think of is available

this is a huge mural in the lower city, everyone in the mural are real characters, wish I could remember who they all were but I was on a tour being advised by a trained professional at the time, and I can't rename them unfortunately

looking down to the lower city, the mural covers the entire building side of the building on the extreme right

this one is part of the ruins of the kitchen of the second barracks Champlain built on this site, Champlain set up the fur trade in Quebec. Thats the Hotel Frontenac in the background

The shopping really is to die for in this city

lower city shopping, this is a pic going up the tram from the lower city to the upper city

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