Friday, February 26, 2010

My all time favourite house in the world, love you old blue eyes!

If only I had money...

I've been watching this house for years, it was commissioned by Frank Sinatra, old blue eyes as a desert retreat for him and his family. This was with his first wife Nancy. It is a mid century contemporary which was very uncommon in Palm Springs at the time. He had it built hastily in 1947 for a New Years Eve party he was throwing that year to ring in 1948.

Its for sale for only 3.25 million which I think is a steal

This is the piano shaped pool. Unfortunately shortly after building it he left his wife Nancy for Eva Gardner.  There are spectacular stories of parties thrown here for all of the elite hollywood types. Even down to him and a 3 way with Eva and Lana Turner in this very pool. He eventually sold it as he and Eva had some pretty well documented fights here and he just didn't want to remember anymore. There is still a chunk missing out of one of the vanities in the bathroom from where he chucked a champagne bottle just missing Eva but hitting the vanity.

Here are Frank and Eva on their wedding day

This is a photo of Joan Crawford in a movie that was partly filmed at Franks house

Wish I was around for during this time. The Elvis Honeymoon Cottage I told you about recently was just around the corner. As well as the home of Al Jolson, Jack Benny and Carey Grant

You can also rent this place for a mere 2600.00US a night, what a deal!
check out some more pics on this site, franks house, twin palms it is a spectacular house. There is a lovely Then and Now section

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