Saturday, November 13, 2010

Well I believe she'll live after all!

It was really touch n go with kitty but I think she'll actually live

my provider sucks and i've been hard pressed to get online all week

at the beginning of the week kitty would not come out from under the bed. I was worried thinking she was wanting to be alone to die. a girl at my work said she thought she was getting better because she realized she could hide from people as she probably had to hide out in the wild

I hoped so and i'm guessing she was right, lots of improvement now

here is a weeks worth of updates on kitty, the last one is the best, getting to know you

this is how I find our girl now, she shows her freedom from the one bedroom by going into the other one and sleeping on the bed

this is what I wore today

the sweater is my newest acquisition from value village, perfect comfort and warmth for work

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