Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Big Bicycle

What a fabulous night!

my good friends Karen and Stu have a band called One Big Bicycle and they performed on Friday night. turns out is was at an illegal underground music production house. little did we know but figured it out pretty quickly when they wouldn't let me leave to have a cigarette. funny all us smokers loved it because we were forced to smoke inside a venue when usually we can't. all the non smokers had to go on all night over and over again how their eyes were sore. I tell you if you didn't have the address for this place you would never would have found it, very inconspicuous

what an interesting place and crowd though

there were four bands for the night, Karen and Stu were third, they all rocked the house

Karen had her hair colored with purle stripes which she put in ponies so they would look like horns

my hair, I back combed it and curled the front, I liked it

she looked lovely all dressed up

good friends Jen and Star

Jessie their daughter wanting to come with us ssssooo badly

and because i'm an idiot and haven't learned to use my new camera properly all the video's I took all night are crap and had to be deleted, F&)k!!!!!!

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