Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring again

The weather here has been lovely. 12-18 on different days, of course rain in between. I noticed in the woods at least 3 weeks ago the buds are starting, love it

my week:

I'm wearing:

Casa Blanca faux fur vest, tee, boots
H&M dress, tights
Bellagio ring
knock off LV purse

I'm wearing:

Jacob dress and jacket
Target boots

I put my hair in a ponytail, braided it then pinned it around for an updo

I'm wearing:

gifted printed top
Joe harem pants
Target tee
thrifted jacket
thrifted wedges
Mom gifted bracelets
thrifted bamboo purse

I'm wearing:

H&M sweater
Target skinny cargo's
Casta Blanca tee
newly thrifted pumps
newly thrifted woven belt
borrowed jewelry from T

these are bent silver spoon ends, how ingenious

Not much going on here, spring cleaning is all

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