Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The long dress/skirt look

I so want long dresses and sweaters to work for me, but they are not. my Mom and I both agree that with my long hair the long dress/skirt look makes me look too short

so I thought I would try again but this time wearing my hair up

here is a week in long dresses/skirts

I'm wearing:

Luisa Cerano jacket, great thrifting find, retails between 650.00 to 900.00. think I paid 14.99
long cotton summer dress by ?
white tee
layered with Joe sweater
thrifted leather belt
Spring leather sandals

the detailing on this jacket is what caught my eye. pleated crushed blue velvet down the front and large folds of velvet on the cuffs

I was in need of a color so grabbed a couple of pieces of hair and braided it before putting it in a bun, just to mix it up

I'm wearing:

thrifted mens Sears sweater
Maroja long summer dress
thrifted boots
thrifted caramel wool coat

love this caramel colored coat I found while shopping at the Goodwill with Mom. its exactly what I was looking for. I particularly like the big buttons and the way it scoops out at the bottom. I was thrilled it was only 16.00

my inspiration

still not loving it on me, but I'll keep trying, its so darn comfortable for work

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