Thursday, March 10, 2011

First night on the town

The lights really are tons of fun to see, we don't have anything like it in Vancouver, I don't think neon type signage is allowed actually

so we got ready to go

at the Bellagio there is a huge lake out front with a watery light show set to music, very nice

here is a link of someone on utube that taped it Bellagio fountain show

we walked around a little before dinner

we ate at Olives, yum

and of course continued with this

we started with a Fiery Chicken Sausage Flatbread

I love these lights, very elegant, i'm going to try a DIY to make something similar

I had the Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass

T had the Butternut Squash Tortelli

we packed up everything we didn't eat to take out to the homeless. we had seen them everywhere during the day. funny though we walked and walked and were hard pressed to find them at night. we finally approached a man sitting by a fountain and asked if he would pass anyone he thought could use some food in his travels and he said he would gladly find someone for us. T and I think he would actually eat it himself as when he spoke he had no teeth.

we did more of this afterwards

this picture doesn't do this glass art any justice. its absolutely huge and covers most of the lobby entrance ceiling when you walk in

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