Monday, March 14, 2011

Vegas-last day

Our flight didn't leave until 905pm so I got a nice late check out from our hotel.

we spent the whole day shopping and walking around. our feet were killing us by the end. you don't realize how much everything mazes around. you walk for hours and never leave site of the first block

we started with lunch at Marguiritaville, oddly enough though we had this. their mexican isn't quite the same as in LA so we kinda opted out, except for the marguirita

check out the size of T's onion rings, everthing was supersize thats for sure

I was in heaven in Chanel, oh to shop there must be fabulous!

i've been lusting after these sandals since last summer, 345.00. they were so soft and a mute tone, I love them and hope to be the proud owner one day, or at least have a good knock off

we went to the Venetian

Ceasar's Palace, funny I stayed at Ceasar's the last time I was in town for work, while walking through it I realized I didn't remember a thing. sucks travelling alone, one city melds into another

then back to the hotel to relax and finish packing

we had dinner at the airport.  once we boarded I realized how heavy the winds were. i'm not kidding the aircraft was really shaking around. I worked for the airlines long enough to figure, come on, surely you can't take off in this. they finally delayed the flight. it was only for a half hour so not so bad before the winds died down

Vegas from the air

thats the Bellagio middle right. you can see how big the lake is out front for the watery musical show

this is how bad the take off was, I thought someone would give up their dinner for sure

then home, our antics are over for now....until the next adventure

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