Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor by far the most beautiful women in the world!

We'll miss you Liz

even though she had her vices...married 8 times...drinking...drugs...bad health...tragedy I would never have imagined she would die at the early age of 79. honestly she lived and loved through so much

this has far been my favorite picture ever taken of Liz

Liz and Montgomery on lunch from filming

James and Liz on break from filming

she rallied and organized events endlessly to educate on Aids. Liz always supported the gay community and was discreet and fully aware and supportive of her friends. among her best, Rock Hudson, James Dean and Montgomery Clift whom she called a male version carbon copy of herself. she stated they would have married if Montgomery was not gay

one night after leaving a party of Liz's, he had a very bad accident driving home along Mulholland Drive. Liz and some of her partygoers heard it and rushed out. he was choking and Liz saved his life. when the photographers came she screamed such obsenity's at them if they tried to take any pictures, they were horrified and didn't take any

she then took him for a couple of months recovery at the Chateau Marmont. the accident scarred his perfect looks for life. he eventually committed suicide

Liz and Rock Hudson

the love of her life, Richard Burton. first married for ten years then again a second time for another year. they had aweful knock down drag out fights. they were both drunks and just fueled each other appetites endlessly. they were so fowl mouthed together and had no regard for the scenes they would cause

in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. they had a home, it was called Casa Kymberley. they were involved in the  community a great deal. Liz started an orphanage there. she was very giving

for many years they had a private yacht, they were wealthy and loved to play at luxury and partying. Liz had a museum quality assortment of diamonds, mostly from Burton but collected from others as well. it was a well know fact that to be a suitor for Liz you had to shower her with very expensive jewellry

Burton was filming in Toronto so their first marriage took place in Montreal

Casa Kymberley, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Burton bought Liz their home there as a wedding present. they had originally rented it while he filmed Night Of The Iquana, they just fell in love with the place so bought it. its said they made Mexico a fashionable destination. they eventually bought the property next door as well and built a bridge connecting them. when Burton was unruly, because of the drink, he was banished to his quarters across the bridge

Liz sold the place in 1990. after Burton died, she did not go back until the final sale years later. she took one painting off the wall and walked away. she left behind all their personal belongings and furniture. for years it was run as a bed and breakfast and museum. unfortunately, recently a bank took over the property and are now making the two homes condos. if you go to google the address is Calle Zaragoza 445, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you can see construction going on if you do a street view.  the bridge is still intact

they also had a home in Switerzland that played a large role in their relationship

Liz sold this place just recently, I believe 2010
Burton had a favorite animal hide carpet that he had laid out at one point. Liz got furious as she was not going look at a dead animal lying on the floor, he was forced to put it in the basement. even though they had been divorced for years, once he died she retrieved it and put it back in the livingroom where he had originally put it

Liz lived in the same home at 700 Nimes Road, Bel Air, CA since 1980. guess it will likely be up for sale soon

I read a biography on Liz recently, she was one fiesty gal. I would not have wanted any type of competition with her, she was not at all tactful and had no boundaries, she seemed not to feel the need to appologize to anyone for her behavior

Liz has four children that are suffering greatly right now. my heart goes out to you. Liz say hi to Richard B

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