Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jennifer Aniston's house in Beverly Hills for sale

Only 42 million

no sooner has she completed her renovations, then she states she woke up one morning and because she has not been sleeping well lately, decided it was time to pare down and simplify

she paid 13 million for this home back in 2006 and took to renovating it since then.

here is her cover shot from Architectural Digest in March 2010 sitting on one of these lovely purple crush velvet chairs. she apparently bought them, they were old 70's or 80's chairs and had them recovered. started me thinking those old uglies I see could be recovered and completely brought back to life

wonder if she plays the piano

wow, but 42 million, i'm not sure about that

here is the link to the listing for more pics

jennifer aniston realestate

click on the listing on the top row that reads North of Sunset 42,000,000 Celebrity Retreat

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