Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vegas baby!

Just fresh in from Vegas. gotta say, I really don't like that city..having said that I had the best time i've ever had there. T was part of that happening, she's quite fun and was very enthusiastic about it all, which was catchy

I wore a casual summer dress with a sweater cover overtop, gotta be comfy when flying

at the Vancouver airport excited to leave

landing in Vegas, the strip is off in the distance. the weather was fabulous, 75 everyday, yeah sunshine

we stayed at the Bellagio, i've always dreamed of staying there since it opened. here is our room

thought I would be smart this time and take pics when we first arrived. we never get housecleaning so by the end there's stuff everywhere, like a hurricane hit the place

this is the view from our room overlooking the pool area

we started this right away and never stopped

and this. I've been to Vegas three times prior to this and put maybe a quarter in a slot, not this time

T did very well gambling, me, not so much

then off to our favorite store, Target, just can't get enough. I got everything you see except these first pair of pants, should have gotten them too

then back to the hotel to get ready to go out our first night, the lights are pretty spectacular to see. more later, hope everyone is well

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