Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunshine, on my shoulders...makes me happyyyyyyyy

The weather in Vegas was lovely, 75 everyday

we sat by the pool the whole day, no pics, body not up to it in these winter months. don't think I scared anyone away but kept to myself

we stuck by this big one. T in and out of the hot tub to our left

we got ready for our second night out. we were on the hunt for some food then onto the Lion King. I was ssssoooo excited. they were in Vancouver last summer and for the whole month long run I could not get tickets to any matinee or evening show. I was so sad

T laughed at my DIY fur shoe inserts. I on the other hand loved them

this is my inspiration for the fur inserts

Meaghean is one of my favorite favorite bloggers from Love Meagean, her link is on the top of the list on my favorites on this blog. I dreamt about making the fur inserts and within a week she had made her own and blogged about them, can you believe it. I feel priviledged to be thinking up the same stuff as her

we went to the Mandalay Bay hotel as that's where our next stop was anyways. we ended up eating at The House of Blues, we quite liked the one in LA so this was a sure thing. unfortunately no pics inside. they had this awesome huge fake tree inside, it was the best reproduction i've ever seen

our seats were awesome, so close to the stage we could see everything clearly

i've been listening to Carter wine away down stairs for awhile now, wondered what was up, then came the lightning!

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