Monday, May 30, 2011

Been really really busy, oops!

Oh my gosh i've been working so much and haven't been blogging, this is what i've worn and been up to the last few weeks

I'm wearing:

H&M maxidress
Target tee

tried a new hairstyle. backcombed my hair and rolled into a big ball at the back. ruffed up the front with my fingers and topped off with a hair band, ok for the first try

I'm wearing:

Old Navy ruffle sleeveless dress
Target tee and leggings
Old Navy boots
thrifted wooden bracelet, T spied it for me

I'm wearing:

Old Navy summer coverup dress and flipflops
Target sleeveless tee

the weather outside was 20 so I was inspired to put flowers in my hair, flower power man

for those particularly rainy Vancouver days I wanted something that shouts a little, I'm having fun with this! which I do actually, the dogs are the stupidist (if thats a word) and funniest while playing in the rain. I of course LOVE puddles

I'm wearing:

Monali patent rain hat
thrifted rain jacket

I just love all the ruffle and puffiness and different patwork layers of the front and back of the jacket

I went to a Norwex party at Christina's house. they are cleaning and beauty products that have no chemicals in them, seem great, once I have my product i'll give you a review

when you arrive you are greeted by this huge loveable guy, Comet, he's a mountain dog of some type, he's two and a 120 pounds of fun

our hostess

our hostess' mother

yuck, here, she is rubbing raw meat on the countertop, then swabs to show the bacteria, then wipes with this miracle cloth and swabs again to show all the bacteria is gone. all you use is the cloth and water

this is the cloth, I got one

door prize, gotta try this baby on that stinky cat room

got this glass cloth as well, she smeared butter right onto the mirror and again with just water and the cloth wiped it away and streak free

went out recently to see One Big Bicycle perform again, will update with that night soon. i've been rehearsing a bit with them, maybe try some back up vocals. I sang with them around 10years ago and it's always such fun. problem is that i'm so busy and they are going to start performing more so finding the time is hard. for those that know me well, i'm all about the money and singing doesn't pay.


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