Monday, June 6, 2011

Steve Madden bow tie purse

When the hair on the back of my neck starts I know I must at the very least pop my head into the valu village. I try not to go too often as I always find something. saving money can be expensive so I don't go more than once a month

today was an extremely great day for name brands

my best find was this black Steve Madden bow tie purse. looks brand new and like its never been used.

I found photos of it online and in different colors, I got the black one, its quite large and with an over the shoulder and hand held version of straps i'm all set

I also got what i've been looking for for years which is a boyfriend jacket. its a black Pierre Cardin. and the cutest summer dress, it reminds me of the 50's. its a very simple black dress with white stitching. its tight around the bodace and flares at the bottom, you'll love it when I show you

things that got away:

orange pair of Anne Klein summer slings (just didn't love them)
vintage Gucci purse (I just could not confirm if it was original because it was likely such a great knock off)
Coach purse (really lovely but fading at the bottom)
Prada runners, size 6, (I could have been sick that they were the wrong size)
Ralph Lauren crop jacket (loved it but it was double breasted and I don't like to wear jackets I can only wear buttoned up)

thats if for my day

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