Wednesday, August 29, 2012

NYC - 1

Well just back from a great trip to NYC

had lots of fun and always great to catch up with family

participants: T, Betty, Erin, Alex and myself, my yearly birthday present

T and I took the red eye from Vancouver to Chicago then onto NYC, exhausted when we arrived but happy to be there

Betty and Erin were already there and Alex came in later that night

we stayed at the Hotel Affinia, very nice suite. two bedroom with a full kitchen and three bathrooms

we drew straws to see who would get the pull out couch, Betty was the lucky winner

this is T and my room, nice and large and we all had our own TV's and bathrooms


the view from our room

funny start to our journeys, we went looking for Chelsea Market and ended up walking for EVER, then finally finding it right around the corner from our hotel
finally broke down and had lunch because it was taking so long

found the infamous Hotel Chelsea, where the avant guard partied, made movies, wrote songs, wrote books and lived. this is the hotel where Sid Vicious murdered Nancy Spungeon
I wasn't quite able to re-create any pictures as I had hoped, the hotel is closed now and under reno's for something so no pictures were allowed and there was scaffolding everywhere

Dennis Hopper

Bob Dylan in his room at the Chelsea

Leonard Cohen, he wrote a song about sleeping with Janis Joplin here

Dee Dee Ramone

Edie Sedgwick who apparently lit several fires with candles, this picture was taken after one of those fires, you can see her hand is all bandaged up

Ethan Hawke

Jane Fonda

Pattie Smith


 Janice Joplin on the street out front of the Chelsea
(all Hotel Chelsea photos from Google Images)
later we went for dinner in our hotel

once Alex arrived her and T and I went to Times Square to take in the crowds, sights and do some shopping

T and I standing over a grate like Marilyn Monroe. our skirts are flying you just can't tell because they are not flowy enough


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