Monday, August 26, 2013

Jaybird - 3

Had a great day in Stanley Park and at English Bay

for those of you that don't know, this is Jay's friend Matt, lovely guy

at Look Out Point. So many years ago when I was pregnant with T I stood here and watched Mom and Dad leave under Lions Gate Bridge on a cruise to Alaska

everyone has to stand in this tree, its tradition. The park and the tree were completely devastated in our 2005 wind storm. It was like a bomb went off, just terrible. Its now bolted down and much smaller. Used to be able to drive a car into it!


we walked along the sea wall and ended up at English Bay for dinner at Milestones. This was our awesome view from our table, not as unobstructed but just about. We're killing time at the beach waiting for our table. The restaurant is right across the street


we did some great people watching. I live in the burbs, the city is so different

you all know how this starts

these funny statues were at the beach. All of them laughing, some keeled over their laughing so hard!

showing Jay where Margo worked when we were younger. She would stay with Dave and I for the summer, ride to work on her bike. At night when it was late, take a taxi across Lions Gate Bridge then ride the rest of the way. The causeway is just too dangerous at night

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