Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just Loves Me Some Jaybird Company

Jay and his friend Matt drove all the way across the States to visit, Yeah!!!!!!!!

It seems to have been an exciting journey, however, Jay's vehicle started to act up around the Seattle area. He booked it to Canada and made it all the way to my house

We took it to one shop that could not crack the code to run diagnostics so off the dealer

They were pretty tired the first night so we took it easy then went to the park to be silly, walk the dogs and blow off some steam

Jay helped us with our "I Believe In ... " campaign for our Bikes against Bullies Rally so I had him sit on Amanda's bench, it was just erected

The next morning we went for breakfast at Beppe and my favorite greasy spoon down the street

Then off for a hike by the river


more to come ......

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