Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mom's Visit To Vancouver - 3

Ever have .... one of those days!!!!!

Mom and I went to Home Depot and picked up a new toilet and vanity, started off innocently enough

The toilet was for the upstairs bathroom because it started to leak and the vanity was for the downstairs bathroom that I am renovating.  The vanity only came into play because there was the most kick ass sale imaginable and it could not be overlooked

So the story starts with removing the upstairs toilet and realizing it must have been leaking for a long, long time because the flange had completely disintegrated

We both had to take a go at the 800 year old nuts.  Nuts

 So I then came up with the bright idea, lets just put the toilet in the downstairs powder room so at least I have a working toilet. I thought, wah, I'll deal with this mess later when I reno the upstairs bathroom. Yeah if I go back far enough I see that's when shit really started to hit the fan, ya think, no got way worse

While installing the toilet downstairs I remembered the reason I gutted it to begin with .... the water shut off valve to the toilet started to leak, too bad I didn't remember that

I then had the bright idea to take one of the faucet valves off, I thought I was soooooo clever, I mean really, they looked exactly the same, how was I supposed to know they were different sizes.  Really, how was I supposed to know.  Was there a class in High School that I skipped out of that would have provided me with this information

Anyway, two method wrenching to get the dam thing off then realized it wasn't going to work so put it back on.  Didn't realize until I turned the water back on that I had broke the seal to whatever was holding that F'n thing on the pipe to begin with.  Oh yeah, and as the water was spewing, and I mean spewing out the pipe, it completely drenched my new vanity!!!!!!! On closer inspection I became aware there was no copper ring to hold the nut onto it to begin with so not even sure how for all these years it hadn't come off while I was at work and flooded the whole house anyway.  Gotta say, please do the job right to begin with, what MoFo decided a million years ago that it was ok to hack this thing together like that

As my Mother goes to bed with a bottle of water, a bag just in case she needs to go No 2 AND ready to pee in the bathtub when the need arises ... if anyone ever needs helping putting in a new toilet, call me, been there, done that

Think I'll go cry myself to sleep now

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