Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mom's Visit To Vancouver - 4

Mom's are always such great sports, mine sure is

It was the day I drop Mom off at the ferry, you know the shower up day before your onto your next adventure

I had to shut off the main water valve, so no water at all in the house. Had to get a shark bite on the copper pipe before I could turn it back on, makes for very interesting times when there is no water, NOT!!!!

We didn't take the chance I could accomplish this before she left so off to the Rec Center public showers, yikes

Then back to Home Depot to buy a shark bike. no brainer plumbing is obviously for me. Once I got that on the faucet pipe I could turn the water back on to house. Now I have to turn it off again every time I'm done with the water though because I think I broke the toilet valve seal and there is a leak in the wall staining my basement ceiling as I speak. Oh the joy

Finished just in time to use the toilet before taking Mom to the ferry

I'm sure the conditions at Dave's will be much more civilized. LOL. Love you Mom

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