Friday, January 22, 2010

Beverly Hills Hotel best place ever!

Ok well for those of you that need to get caught up in what I've been up to lately.

My daughter T and I went on one of the best mother daughter trips together.

Here is my best trip ever at the glorious Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, CA,

This is the place I've always dreamed of staying. At the very least every trip to LA warrants lunch at the Polo Lounge but not this time. This time its the full meal deal, pamper myself, pamper myself

We shopped until we dropped in Santa Monica
then had dinner at the Ivy Club, yum yum

We ate at the famous Polo Lounge where Clark Gable and The Pickfords would go after a game of Polo. The place where Marlene Deitrich was the first female to wear pants, can you imagine

We partied at the bar in the hotel, Its called Bar Nineteen 12, we sat right across from Dolf Lundgren the German fellow from one of the Rockie movies. That was so fun, T thinking I'm one hot mama because so many younger guys were trying to hook up with me, it kinda creeped me out actually. I explained to her, that's because out of the 2 of us they thought I had the money
Momma's looking alittle snookered

We went to The House of Blues

and sat by the famous Beverly Hills Pool where Katherine Hepburn jumped into the pool fully clothed

Keanu is that you? unfortunately not, seems I must stay at the Chateau Marmont next time if I hope to run into Keanu.

Oh and look at my angel, now she's a Charlies Angel

I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for some old Hollywood glam.  Let me warn you though, don't be on a budget!

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