Saturday, January 30, 2010

Salute to Elvis

I'm a crazy Elvis fan, more like crazy Elvis the legend, although I do really enjoy his music as well. It might be ahead of my time but his life was so bizarre and I love that about him

The first thing I do everyday is look at couple of links I have:
This one has his bedroom cam, elvis presley scrapbook

and this one the front view cam of Graceland and the Meditation Garden where he is laid to rest, kim's presleyland

I just love to see all the people coming and going while I daydream away of a visit to Graceland myself one day.

My favorite site is:
This one has everything Elvis you can imagine!, elvis presley news , I mean everything you can imagine, really some of the best pics covering so many different aspects of his life.

I also have this one that shows what Graceland looked liked while Elvis still lived there, elvis-presley-rare-photos-upstairs-graceland, very wild. There are also so many other links on this same site that are very interesting. Pricilla changed the place back to the color scheme that was there when she lived at Graceland for the opening.

This is his bathroom and where he died

and part of his bedroom

Oh and this one, dessaintes has great pics of what Graceland looks like now as well as so many other tidbits of information. There is a particular link I like on the left side of this site called now & then.

This next one is from the link on the left called Elvis homes, it is the home Elvis and Pricilla rented in Palm Springs a couple of days prior to their wedding. Hedda Hopper the famous gossip queen caught wind of all the guests arriving so Frank Sinatra arranged to pick Elvis and Pricilla up in his airplane in a field behind this house where they wisked away to Las Vegas to get married instead. The next day they came back to Palm Springs and started their honeymoon. This house is for rent and of course quite popular because of its history

this is Circle G a ranch Elvis bought shortly before they married. This is where they finished their honeymoon. I plan to sneak visit this property as well when I get to Graceland. It's only 10miles down the road from Graceland. Elvis bought it to house his hobby of horseback riding but sold it long before he passed away. It still sits as is since he owned it. He had the bridge below built across the lake while he owned it.  I won't put the directions to get there here but you can email me if you want to know how to get there.

TCB and TCE where mottos for Elvis and his Memphis mafia. It means Taken Care of Business or Taken Care of Elvis. Anyone lucky enough received expensive jewelry with either of these logos. Here is his personal jewellers website. he makes replicas of Elvis' jewelry,

This is a site out of Australia, check out the links on the right, some awesome pics, elvis australia

Another thing you can do to get a great view of Graceland is to go to google maps and just type in Graceland. Of course you need to scroll in but great view of the entire property

I like this site of Pricilla's, I especially like the presley homes photos link, simplycilla

This is Gracelands official website, Graceland official website

I could just go on and on regarding trivia about Elvis. I have so many links to sites it would be too many to show here. There are so many pics out there, you just have to pretty much google Elvis pics and you'd be pleased about what comes up.


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