Monday, May 17, 2010

Dutch bedstee

My mother has the most wonderful little dutch house, she is dutch of course

Here is her latest project completed, a bedstee, they are very popular in Holland

oh my gosh I can't wait to sleep in it. Notice that metal thing at the end of the bed in the first pic, thats a dutch foot warmer. You put boiling water in it and cozy up to it, it works like a charm. You can see why I was so upset when they moved away, my dad is so handy, he built it!

here are some other examples of bedstee's I found online

photo: home sweet home

photo: country home

photo: google

photo: google

photo: google

photo: sandell-artemide

photo: google

photo: home companion

photo: decorating kids rooms

well there you have it, I definitely want one

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  1. LOVE THIS! I want this in my future home!