Sunday, May 16, 2010

The cottage is fine, heww

I am so lucky to have a brother that lives near my cottage. He was lovely enough to go check things out for me as I can't remember the last time I was there.

This is my cottage on lovely Gabriola Island British Columbia. It sleeps 6 comfortably with pull out mattress' for the floor if needed as well. I have 1/2 an acre in the woods.

We will put a new roof on it this summer and he just wanted to go have a look.

Its very rustic and needs sssssssssoooooooooo much work, here are a few pics to give you the idea.

Some old some newer but unfortunately none new, must fix that though, next time I go i'll take some new.


other side of livingroom


This was when I was breaking all the tiles off the kitchen floor. I just painted the plywood grey after that.

Again my friend Carla helping, she is the best helper

I had a friend redo the table to make it longer. I love to throw dinner parties here. I can either pull the table into the livingroom or outside on the back deck for more room.

There is a loft here now that my father, brother and uncle built for me for my birthday, I think last year. It fits a double bed perfectly. You can't stand up of course, just enough room to climb the ladder and slide into bed.

Bathroom, as you can see if your a big person your knees would be touching the shower when you sit down. Very unfunctional layout.

I made this bed, its supposed to look like a gate. I used siccins on it and I have the best sleeps of my life in this bed. I'm sure the fresh air helps.

Cola and I had the most fun there, its never been the same.

This place is probably the best buy of my life so far. I'll save it for when I retire then sell it for the money. Its been an awesome return and will hopefully get better. Its also ssssssooooooo much work. It really is a tear down but I don't because I would have no where to stay if I did that. I've had it for 8 years now and although these are not updated photos i'm showing I could do all I wanted and it would still be a tear down.

Come on over though its a really fun island

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