Friday, May 21, 2010

Family visit

My cousin Aaron and his girlfriend Lisa are in town.  So glad they found the time to visit with T and I

this is what we had, a real experiment for me, spinch pie

first you saute onions of different types and garlic. then you add the spinach and it shrinks and goes all wilty

in another bowl you mix the eggs, ricotta and feta cheese, then mix the two mixtures together

you lay out 4 sheets of phyllo in a pan, brushing each layer with olive oil, then mix in the combined mixtures. Lay another 4 layers of phyllo on top and bake at 350 for 1hr

the finished product

oh my it was lovely.  Here's a tip though drain the spinach mixture before adding to the  egg mixture before putting in the pan to bake. I found the bottom a bit soggy.  There is so much water where spinach is concerned. The salad was great as well, full of veggies, fruit and nuts with a lovely wisabi dressing

then for desert because I still had some phyllo left over I made these babies

I folded 1 phyllo sheet over twice, then I added half an apple, cranberries and walnuts. I drizzled the tiniest bit of maple syrup on the inside. Then I just folded over the corners and squished it all together and baked for about 20min

finished product

I drizzled a tad more maple syrup over top and added some additional nuts. It was delectible. Oh my gosh I'll make these again. Prep to oven time, 3 min seriously

hope to see you guys again soon

and this is quite a milestone for me, this is my 100th blog

kisses to everyone that reads my blog

heh heh

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