Friday, December 7, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge - Day 11 - Skating

Monday, skating

Tuesday, a somewhat easy day just walked the dogs

Wednesday, skating

Thursday, Zumba

Friday, skating

Still getting used to the new skates. I find they are heavier and when I get tired I tend to drag my left foot. gotta be careful because then my pick digs in. also having a harder time getting them tight enough because they are quite stiff. all will be well i'm sure by next week, at least I hope so

Heather and I have had a hectic week. my main challenge was all late shifts so hard to get a coffee into me and to the rink by noon. We only hooked up once and that was monday. I'm anxious to hear how her week panned out

also new blisters in places I didn't have before, yikes

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