Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Suck It Up When You Can Bust It Up - Webisode 4 - Day 7 - Skating

Uhhhggg with all the different types of media I use I'm having a hard time uploading this Utube video today so here is the link for todays Webisode

So we've changed up the rules slightly
just to be clear:

instead of 1 hour a day physical activity for 30 days, its going to be

7 hours a week for 30 days, so same amount of time but at a more leisurley pace, I need a day off

I'm am absolutely exhausted! but... got my own skates today

I was lucky to have Heather show me the ropes, she scooped me 700 dollar skates for 50 dollars plus a free sharpen

just gotta polish them up

happy skate guy

purple skate guards

then I promptly came home, had some of my favorite ice cream and crashed

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