Sunday, December 2, 2012

30 Day Fitness Challenge - day 6

We're recruiting more people all the time

today's participants

Heather and daughter Candice
Kymberley and daughter T
Carla and brother Tim and daughter Melissa

what I find hilarious about these mother daughter pics is that we are all mimicking eachother

too funny, right after Melissa posed here Carla tried it....then disaster struck

she hit the ice, freaked the crap out of me because I saw a beige thing that looked exactly like a row of teeth go flying. I didn't know what happened

when she lifted her arm and leg to pose like Melissa her skate broke and the blade came right off, OMG we laughed till we cried

we're gettin more bendy everyday

war wounds, Melissa and I were dumb ass enough to wear sports socks and the inside of the skates were rubbing on our poor legs
Oh, and this is Heathers response to my dance off, her and her husband Gerry. I can't stop watching it
and Keanu was kind enough to send one of us, heh heh
Choi for now

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