Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Allison and Trevor's wedding

Went for a visit with Mom and Dad and cousin Allison's wedding, had a blast seeing everyone!

we were up before the crack of dawn and on our way

had to stop you know where

art at the airport

Mommie daughter glasses

and what do you do at the airport but shop, new watches

gosh the airport is expensive, over 50.00 worth of snacks for the flight

texting is a must as well

landing in Ottawa

T gets so annoyed, I'm always snapping pics. oh my gosh that mole has got to go

the next day Mom, Betty, Alex and I went garage saling, our favourite pass time. found some great finds, including these two real diamond rings, score

again up before the crack of dawn, there seems to be no sleep for the wicked

this church sale was absolutely packed, good stuff though

then off for breakfast to browse through our wares, the best part

more later on the big day for Allison and Trevor

on a side note, outdoor kitty seems to be making himself at home inside these days, gotta watch that

you can see the others are not impressed, he is freaking out the dogs rubbing up against them all the time

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