Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gianni Versace Dress

Got a lovely Gianni Versace silk jumper style dress the other day. 9.99!!!!!!, it would have retailed from 1200-1800 dollars new. looks like its never been worn

I traced the tag from the early 2000's collections. now I just have to find the dress in its collection year and season

not sure yet if i'll keep it or not, we'll see if I can think of somewhere to wear it first

this is what I wore yesterday

H&M sweater dress and tights
Jacob jacket
coral thrifted belt
Walmart boots
thrifted bracelet with the engraving Fa (can't figure out where from)

and I got my hair done

trying new things with my camera, took smaller size pics but I don't like them very much. you can't edit them very well

miss everyone!

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