Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh my god! leggings are back

How fun
crazy thing is the last time they were in, I couldn't stand them
jury is still out this time but trying them out
OOH glittery

excuse the mess

this is what I wore today

Mens thrifted sweater
Suzy Shier boots and leg warmers
H&M tights
Target stretch skirt

I had spoken with Frodo's family and told them he was very sick before I went to Mom and Dad's the last time. I said they should take him to the vet. when I got home they had not taken him and he was sick as ever. I took him, and since, I don't think he's gone home, who knows what he does actually, he's outside alot

he's all better now but pissing everyone else off in the house, he doesn't have a care in the world

Pumpkin is quite angry here, if you look closely Frodo is pushed right up against Pumpkin, and what you can't hear is Pumpkin very vocally telling Frodo to F OFF

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