Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mom and Dads Nov/11 - 3

My last day always comes too quickly

I met with Cindy and John for John's 69th Birthday breakfast

when I got home we had a visitor that I haven't seen in over 10 years, Luciano, it was so good to see him

Luciano worked for Dad and David and I met him while we worked at Cumis as well. I believe I was 17 when I met Luciano, he practically lived at the house David and I were living at the time. we think of him as family. funny now all these years later I work with his sister in law, small world

the house looks so lovely all lit up, we also put more lights on another tree out front but I didn't get a picture

I love this picture of Mom, she looks so mop toppy, likes she's just a kid

when it was time to go Luciano drove me to the airport so we got all caught up with life.

After I left Dads sister Carly and brother Duncan came to visit from the island. It was great for Dad, and Cindy and Vincent got to meet some more family as well

Oh and thats the carpet we put down on the front porch so it won't be slippery in the winter

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