Friday, July 5, 2013

Abort Mission!!!! Pull Bbbbaaaccckkkk

You know when you hear that eerie screeching and rustling around noise that something has either gotten in or been brought into the house

Spent an hour hunting out this fella. Had him until a rouge ninja flew out of no where and knocked him right of my back, SHIT!

If I didn't find him I would have certainly had to listen to a murder at one point or another, probably like 3am

Pulled my whole bedroom apart including taking apart the bed and uploading the dresser. I finally found him inside my clothes in the drawer

I had already looked in this drawer a couple of times, was clinging to the clothes as I pulled them out

I see you

everything out and just one piece touching the drawer and he was scaling up to it

finally reached the top and then waited

cute little fella, hope he didn't get hurt in all the fuss

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