Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Good Old Days

Went out with two of my besties from High School for dinner. We met up in our old stomping grounds, North Vancouver. It will always feel like home

The great thing about old friends is that no matter how much time has time has passed

I saw Dave for the first time in maybe 30 years a few weeks ago

I ran into Dale at the bank about 22 years ago

Greek food, gotta love it!

Then down to the Quay to try to walk some of it off

This yacht belongs to a German bazillionaire

Wow, wonder who is visiting in this picture, its not an orb or maybe it is an orb trying to run away

Dale is snuggle puss, I'm snaggle puss ...we need a puss name for Dave....hmmm

Vancouver, the city I love

This is the first train station in North Vancouver, it was refurbished near Carson Graham School years ago and now obviously moved here. It now sits beside the old Cates Tugs building. Cates was sold to Seaspan

Feel sorry for the guy with the yacht on the right, he must feel inadequate

The old Burrard Dry Dock ship building site is gone now. This restaurant is there and a huge square

In the 1800's someone would blow this horn to guide in ships. I say if the ships could not see the dock, how could the person see the ships?

The old crane for building the ships has remained

Also some pully things

We found this super cool exhibit. I'm the daft one that didn't take a picture, go figure. Got this one online

Image couresty of Google Images
It was a filing cabinet drawer filled with metal employee cards. You could read every word. The year, how much they were paid, when they were laid off and rehired

Paine Hardware was the most lovely hardware store. It had not changed a bit since opening in 1911. In 1998 it was destroyed by fire. No wonder it was all the most superb looking wood shelving inside. We used to love to go in and walk around. Its the red brick building on the right. They left the shell and built another building right inside to preserve the fa├žade

Lots of fun, hope to see the boys again

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