Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rethinking The No Kill Zone

Seriously!!!!! this is the 3rd mouse this week.

I've never had mice in the house, I can't be sure but is FrodoBodo bringing them in or are they coming in the window I leave open for him? I can't imagine after all these years they would just start to stroll in

This little bugger has eluded me for 3 days now. I've caught him twice but he scurried up my arm and down my back and gone in a flash!

Today found he was stuck in the basement wall, UUUUrrrrgggghhhhh

I couldn't wrip the wall open from the best spot which would have been under the stairs, oh no, had to tear the paneling in the family room

More work to be redone now

He was just sitting there and I thought he would be all tired and hungry. Simply reached in to grab him and WHAM

He got away I sit talking to you with the basement door wide open, hoping he just walks right out that door

Thought I would at least plug up the hole in the wall that got him into that mess to start with. No doubt he will find another way to get stuck somewhere

3 cats in the house, he is some illusionist

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