Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little Back Porch Grease

Yikes! I'm so slow off the start. Just cleaning up the back porch now

My little bean knows me so well, she bought me a $50.00 gift card for Value Village for Mothers Day. Today was my day

Got these great red curtains. I live in a row house, shit! hate it. Anyways I digress. My goal at all times is to block out the neighbours and their crap

These curtains offer a better view

I have other goodies to add at a later date. Ran out of steam and light. This is just a preview really, curtains need to be cut and hemmed as well

Got this fabulous chair a few visits ago. It was so cheap I couldn't believe it. Had to literally tie it TO my car because I couldn`t get it into the car or trunk

Sorry can`t really show you the other side. There`s still a toilet and a vanity sitting there that's too heavy to move any further on my own

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