Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Christmas Carol Project

What a lovely day we had!

we started off at Granville Island, its Dad's old haunt, he not only use to work a stones throw away but his yacht club was there as well

sweet memories

I must say i've eaten more today than I do generally in 3 days

we started off with this

oh and then this


I got the most wonderful gift from my parents. I would never in a million years splurge on such a thing for myself but have honestly been looking for one for years

a fedora

we shopped around and found this quaint little shop for tarts it says, well i'm a tart, or a tart wannabe anyways

Dad wanted to go right in, we're like no, its not real tarts

there was a wonderful little courtyard with shops and these great iron gates, thats me talking to someone

we came home to change and take some pics, went outside where it was cold and chilly for that, I love this one of mom and dad

this is what I settled on wearing, changed my mind because I now had a fedora to compliment

 then went to The Christmas Carol Project, it was awesome, great, fabulous everything I wanted it to be

this group of guys I know from Edmonton have created this show based on A Christmas Carol. it plays out musically. they wrote their owns songs based on their characters. about 10 years ago I sang back up for my friends band. we travelled around as a back up band for these guys. such lovely times

we started off in the bar and ate this

you've met Karen Stu and Jessie before I believe, very good people. they have their own studio so we jam into the wee hours

my camera SUCKS!

these are the pics I got of the show, apparently i'm on acid. they started out with a 60min round table so to speak. they all played one of their own songs. i'm sure you'll get a warm and fuzzy feeling for it from these

then a 15min break and onto the Christmas Carol itself

somewhat ok pic, thats Scruge in the middle and the sexiest stage man alive on his right, Al Brandt, he mezmerizes me with his stage persona, he's even better standing, but this was a sitting show for the most part

another great day today, i'll tell you about it tomorrow

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