Thursday, December 9, 2010

The craziest place I ever worked

From 1986 to 2000 I worked at AirBC. when I started it was just a floatplane operation but over the years grew and grew to add dash-7's and dash-8's and eventually BAE-146 jets. there were many changes over the years and the ultimate end came for me when they FINALLY offered buy outs.

to tell you the truth I could not get out of there fast enough. I got what I wanted and that was extensive travel around the world. I would have left earlier but my father convinced me to hang in there for the buy out. there are however many people that made it there lifes work and did not want to leave and in many cases have not left

I came across a site put together by someone for those that yearn for the old days. there are over 800 pics on this site, quite incredible

here are a few for your viewing pleasure

these are my reservation department co workers, I was away this day at another site

our building here is a bunch of trailers put together. there were so many stray and ferrel cats around that the fleas would come right through the floorboards and bite you, in the summer it was so hot we threatened to wear our bathing suits to work

the lady in red was my manager Betty, she would walk around and hand out glasses of wine to us while we worked. on any given day our fridge was full of beer and wine. Darrel to the left was ex air force and many years later became our COO

our Vancouver harbour float service

me looking quite hidious on the bottom left, just back after having T. I only took 8weeks off with her, was afraid in those days I would lose my job so back as quickly as possible

inside our trailer we all had these little work stations

Linda my old supervisor on the right, funny 20years or so later I ran into her as she has a cottage on the same street as mine on an island off an island, what are the odds?

old Vancouver skyline

to tell you the truth this place was nuts! partying like there was no tomorrow, so crazy I actually  stopped attending any gatherings for fear of what would happen next

our old hangar which was right across the parking lot from the old trailers we worked in. we would party all night then I would sleep in my car and at 4am the maintenance guys would knock on the window and up I would get and go inside and start work

well, there is a trip down memory lane, yikes! can't say I miss it though

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