Thursday, December 16, 2010

Finally, my parents are here!!!!

So fun to wake up and know i'm going to see my parents today

they flew into Abbotsford airport, funny its like landing at an airport 30 years ago. very tiny and unbusy and in the middle of a cow field really

they arrived just on time

we came home to relax and when T got home had my usual spinach pie, only this time I had some help making it

we snuggled dad in

got our eggnog and dark rum on

then got cooking

mixed everything together

poured into the pan then into the oven

and found a way to take a group pic, will definitely have to work on that

my favourite dessert

after dinner drinks and photos

don't know if you've noticed, my house is pretty cold and at one point or another we all end up with blankets on. not sure why, I am cheap with the heat but really, I don't think my furnace is running efficiently. I think it needs to be cleaned out. I have an oil furnace and I think its full of soot, yum

Dad is always making new friends

oh thats why my close up photos are always so crappy, my arm isn't long enough, you can usually see up noses with mine

see, longer arms

night night

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