Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas morning

Wow T and I haven't celebrated Christmas on the 25th in so many years.  with just the two of us we more likely wrip our presents open around the 22nd or 23rd!

this tree I think is the best Christmas tree i've ever seen, it was perfect

Nancy's mom Betty was over as well, always nice to see her

Dave got an old arts and crafts clock, made around the same time as his house. Mom got the best deal ever on it and thought he should have it

after the fun of opening presents Dave made us a great breakfast, it was like being at a restaurant, he made exactly what you ordered. I swear breakfast is my favorite meal. I never eat until around 3-5pm. i'm a night owl and stay up all night then don't get up till around 11-12 the next day. I don't eat until I get to work and certainly not breakfast food. I LOVE breakfast food, note to self must have breakfast food more often

Dad on toast duty, only he likes his burnt so we had to remind him, WE DON'T

after that a must walk was had by myself, T and the girls. they took funny pics of themselves

love this one

we did the Abbey Road Beatles cover

one of the neighbours bought one of the Olympic Bears, they were auctioned off as well as many other things

more to come ...

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