Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sorry for the slow going blogs. i've been so busy visiting and travelling but now back at home and back at it at work

things will still move slowly as i've not only gotten a new digital camera but a new laptop as well. Merry Christmas to my dwindling bank account. i'm working several 12hr days ahead so my learning curve will be dreadfully long

here goes

I dropped Mom and Dad at the ferry on Dec 22/10 and they went over to Daves in Victoria. T and I joined them for Christmas on the 24th

the food is unedible on the ferry so we brought our own

my camera has several options so trying some new ones out, I do love black and white. I tried putting hair gel in my hair, as you can see it looks hidious. I tried to soften the blow for you all by changing this one to black and white

the winds were high and the ferry rocking back and forth so thought an apple and cheese would help

we got lovely fake diamond rings at the terminal, such a good price

we arrived at Daves finally

he was waiting with drinkies and pie. they were lucky Nancy's mom Betty gave everyone a lesson in pie crust making and they made several pies

the girls together again, everyone is so grown up now

more as soon as I can muster up some strength between work work work and the doggers

oh and by the way I feel absolutely freakin huge! Christmas goodies have not done me any favours

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