Sunday, December 19, 2010

Combining two days into one

Still having major difficulties with my computer, although I must say alot of it is just because the cat sleeps on it and keeps changing the settings.

so yesterday we went to a Christmas show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Mom really wanted to go because she heard people from all over the world would be there and thought she could get some great ideas. it was unfortunately not what we hoped it would be

there was a German village built outside and that was the whole show. there were vendors everywhere around this village but their wares were quite expensive. we stayed under an hour then split

while I was returning the mug I used for my hot wine cider I dropped my camera. I was devistated because it appeared to not be working so my mission was to get a new camera. which quite frankly I needed anyways

these pics could be Christmas Cards

then home to continue T and Mom's baking

today we went thrift storing, T and I came downstairs in the excact same outfit, oh well we didn't bother changing

didn't buy this but thought about it

look at this lovely table cover, it took Mom's eye to spy it. glad she was there

a little closer of a look, its very rich looking

our bun and meat and cheese spread

thank goodness Dad took the time to unravel this mess, I was frustrated and ready to throw it away

some Christmas gifts for my friends kids

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