Friday, January 7, 2011

Everyone see Sofia Coppola's new movie Somewhere

It was shot at my favorite place the Chateau Marmont in LA

here are some taste tester photos

this ping pong table is right outside our cottage and near the pool

its appropriately (for the Chateau) about a washed up hollywood actor who's daughter comes to visit him while living at the Chateau. so many actors live there at one time or another

here is a link to her sight


Soffia pulls alot of references from her own life, she has had a privileged life as the daughter of Director Francis Ford Coppola and has some very colorful stories to tell. her cousin is Nicolas Cage, can you imagine what stories she has there

she tells one of her father landing a helicopter in the parking lot of Disneyland and security running after them, heh heh

I never go to the movies but am running to this one

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