Thursday, January 13, 2011

What the F*%k!!!!

With my experiences with snow the last couple of days I might as well be living up at Whistler

started snowing here Tuesday night, so crazy at work I stayed until 5am, this is what it was like at 0 c

they said it would snow 10cm but it was more, my ride home was so scary. we are so unprepared here, even though they knew it was coming nothing was plowed. I go against traffic so it was a nightmare and my car kept trying to pull to the left, yikes

of course these guys loved it, and Muesli wanted to come out as well but since she clearly can not fend for herself I didn't want to loose her in the dark

so went to bed at about 6am and by the time I woke up at 1pm it was 5 c out and all but gone. Its a true saying that you can sail and ski on the same day here. supposed to reach 10 c in the next day or so

you can never sit on the couch here and not see this view


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