Saturday, January 15, 2011

This is what women have to go through, you have to see it to believe it

Yikes the hideousness of it all

my hair grows so fast that if I don't color it every 3 weeks this is what happens, I don't even want to go out in public. I generally wear my hair up and when its this bad I can't because then the roots look even worse

this is 4 weeks and my roots are practically an inch long!

my good friend Alda does my hair at her home which is lovely because we can meet at 8pm which works well for the both of us

its a fairly long process because of the length of my hair, it has to be done in sections

I don't have cable so I get to watch all the home reno and house flipping shows

I could probably be an antenna for my own TV with all this foil

Ok back to pretty now, and with a trim its all good. not sure why my hair gets so ratty at the ends, I don't curl or blow dry my hair ever. well maybe hot roller once a year but that is seriously it. we take off around an inch every third visit

yesterday was greatly needed partial me day, my nails also have to be done every 3 weeks and I booked that in as well before my hair appointment. they were so long I couldn't even type anymore

Alda's house can be like a shopping mall, she always has fun stuff in her hair washing room that she's getting rid of

I picked up this mirror while I was there, its like thrift storing

i'll find somewhere fun for it and show you later. its been 12 here for the last 2 days so thats nice, we're into the rain now

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