Friday, January 28, 2011

Outfit number two

In my quest to clean my closet continued...this is what I wore today

I bought this dress if you remember at Target a couple of weeks ago. what I had in mind then was a breezy summer dress but today realized, hey, I could wear this with tights, I just llllllloooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee tights

and I thought I would curl my hair for the occassion

I use these hot rollers, they are pretty ancient, got them at a thirft store years ago but they work well

once i've sectioned off my hair into six sections I roll away and put a hair net on to hold everything in place. whatever works for you but I leave them in for around 20minutes. I put them up then go about my business for awhile before taking them out. when you take them out remove the clips and instead of pulling the rollers out let them fall out so your hair falls naturally. then a spray of hairspray and away

I'm wearing:
Target summer dress and shoes and  H&M black long sleeve tee and black tights

since it is actually a summer dress I used my beach bag as a purse. this purse is from the thrift store

my jewellry: The lovely twisted silver bracelet is from my Mom. she had a bunch of silver melted down and designed it. the other bracelet and both rings believe it or not are from BC Ferries, so cheap

now i'm going to do a user test with these OLAY products. my girlfriends mother gave them to me, they are samples of night eye cream and eye concealer cream. i'll try them out for awhile then do a review on them

John and Yoko Ono's son and his girlfriend on Conan. very good I must say, he looks so much live his father

I don't like to wear my dress shoes in the car driving because the backs always get wrecked. I wore my trusty gum boots then changed into my shoes when I got there

miss everyone tons

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