Monday, January 10, 2011

Quarterly shopping spree to Seattle

A very fun time we have shopping and eating. just a day trip but mother daughter time well spent

check out this crazy weather, all within 10minutes, no kidding it was freaky, and just as fast, it was over, must be some kinda valley we were in

I cut starbucks out of my budget years ago, but not when i'm travelling, lovely pumkin spice latte and fruit, cheese and almond snack for the road

T had a fruit cup and mocha

we love love love Target

i'm not much of a shopper and had so many things to try on, forgive the crappy photo, can't figure out how to turn off the flash so it doesn't reflect against the mirror, this is the only way I know so far and as you can see, everything is a lovely orange color, very 70's, lets just go with it

got this little black number

didn't get this one, T said hiddeous as it was green

didn't get

didn't get, wish I did

got, its a mauve color

then lunch at Red Robin, we usually do Mexican but went to a different area this time and I had not researched where the nearest Mexican restaurant was

T had a Sante Fe type salad, she said it was lovely

I had this absolutely delectable apple, walnut, goat cheese and chicken salad, I can still taste it

then our next stop, as this was a condensed trip, was to Walmart, they have the biggest grocery store there. this is really the fun part for us. they have selection we are unable to get in Canada.

two carts later ...

her are some of the prizes we got

I adore marshmallows, chocolate and vanilla swirl and toasted coconut, i'm in heaven, its silly how many marshmallows I eat

these are fun, apple slices with caramel dip, perfect for work

look at this huge ass piece of cheese, I pay 9.00 for a third of this, this was only 14.00

these are great, very thin bagels and sandwich ends, seems funny to buy something that is obviously a pint size of the original but keeps us from eating the whole so good on us

the best part, look at these

now its fairly obvious this is not a real grocery shop. T and I thrive in the land of fatties. they'll do anything to not eat right and camouflage everything possible to look yummilishious. all of the above items are 3.5 or less grams of fat per serving. you can get some of these items here but not by any means all, and the prices rediculous, we are getting majorly wripped off! in Canada
and my best find, my new shoes, come to mamma. now the funny part is that I have boxes and boxes of brand new boots and shoes in my closet, I never wear heals, but can't stop a girl from wanting to wear them

home safe and all is well, night night

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