Monday, January 31, 2011

Shall we ski? yes

Today was one of the best ski days of my life

the conditions were near perfect, the visibilty was endless and my feet didn't hurt, does is get any better than that

my good friend Carla and I went, we ski on Mondays because most people are at work, and we have the day off

my aunt Erin bought me these awesome ski socks. I don't know if I told you this Erin there the best, I love them

 once I get to this tunnel i'm very close

then I burst over the crest of the Iron Workers Memorial and I feel like i'm home, North Vancouver. this is where we moved when we left Georgetown, still feels like home

these mountains call out to me...come over here, the skiing is great, and i'm like...i'm over here, i'm coming

apre ski, changing at the car in the parking lot

got these brand new never worn 150.00 Sorel winter boots at the thrift store the other day, for 6.99

these are the tippy tippy tree tops, there was so much snow

after awhile we stopped for this

and this

as the sun started to go down we started to bundell up. we had another friend coming up at 6pm for night skiing. we wanted to stay and ski with her as well but in the end it got too cold for us. when the sun goes down it gets pretty icy as well. i'm not in a position to break a leg now

Carla's cat Tramp, she is from a litter of cats just before the litter I got my dear departed Ten Two from. Ten two died years ago so you can only imagine how old Tramp is. and the poor bud isn't doing so well anymore, she still looks and feels lovely though


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